Friday, 21 October 2011

Teacher Librarian as Leader - Strategic Planning

Davies and Davies (2005) provide many useful ideas for analyzing and evaluating productivity (assessment). The differences between a good leader and a strategic leader are presented. Guidelines for creating a mission statement will be useful when I come to write one for the Kilbreda College Library. The section on leadership wisdom offered practical, analytical and emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills of strength and courage were particularly interesting and relevant.
Welch’s (2006) article offered me the following tips:
1.      The three steps of a marketing approach (p. 25)
2.      Seven areas of a strategic analysis (p. 26)
3.      Checklist for data gathering in the market place (p. 26)
4.      SWOT analysis technique (p. 27)
5.      Mission statement tips (p. 28)
6.      Customer needs (p. 30)
7.      Objectives and goals (p38)
8.      Growth – not just more of the same (p. 39)
9.      Goals (p. 40)
Beare (2001) presented four fundamental issues: management, accountability, curriculum and teachers, and teaching functions. It was useful to me to read specific instructions about how long a vision statement should be.
Balnaves (1998) offered six concept maps, mind maps, etc. Pages 84 to 87 gave specific instructions about planning.

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