Friday, 21 October 2011

Visionary Leaders for Information - Chapter 1

In his chapter, ‘Toward an organizational theory for information professionals’, Arthur Winzenried (2010) challenges the reader to consider the qualities of an effective leader. By describing the qualities of charismatic and transformational leaders, he allows the reader to compare and contrast the leadership qualities of each. His emphasis on the crucial elements of collaboration, team work and positive relationships enables the reader to reflect on his or her leadership style. This assists visionary leaders to aspire to the model that he offers.
I had never considered schools as organisations before embarking on this topic. Organisations that engage in  business transactions can measure their success by looking at their profit margins. It is difficult for teachers and school administrators to measure the success of their organisation. The ability by students to locate, select, present and evaluate information enable the display of outcomes that demonstrate the success of information literacy instruction. Knowing how to learn is the desired result. Measuring this knowledge and presenting this data to stakeholders is the challenge.

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