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Parliamentary Inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher-Librarians

School Libraries Achieving Results Ning
School Library Association of Victoria Reference Group Invites You to Contribute.
With online presences via Facebook and a fantastic wiki, the What a Difference a School Library Makes sites are effective for sharing resources that highlight the connection between school libraries and student achievement.
The links from the wiki provide excellent information for teacher-librarians, library technicians, teachers, students and parents. One of these links reveals the 11 recommendations that have been created as a result of the Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher-Librarians in 21st Century Australia. The wiki can be found at:
The School Library Association of Victoria (SLAV) has created a Reference Group in response to the Parliamentary Inquiry. SLAV has elaborated on the 11 recommendations. Its Action Plan document addresses the 11 recommendations and includes a specific Commitment to Action for each. Implementation of the Action Plan will improve students' achievements and outcomes and empower them to become independent lifelong learners.
The National Year of Reading in 2012 features strongly in the Action Plan. Other commitments by SLAV relate to the creation of online databases, training teacher-librarians and promoting them as e-Learning Leaders, and creating library programs that integrate ICT and literacy skills.
As an example of one of the 11 commitments that SLAV will instigate as a result of the inquiry, it will document, publish and promote digital literacy, which is a key feature of the Australian Curriculum. Organisations such as ASLA and ALIA, and national and state libraries such as the State Library of Victoria, have been connected with the Reference Group to show their support for the future of school libraries.
Teachers, students and parents can join the SLAV Ning to find out more information about this highly topical issue, and to contribute to the discussion. It can be found at:
The Action Plan is a very impressive document. I will continue to follow SLAV's progress with great interest.

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